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SICK of SCAMMERS - 04-11-2014

This is a scam collector they use a ton of different numbers, seems like a new one each week. THIS IS A SCAM! Do not give them any information over the phone or internet. If they have a legal case they must send it through the mail. Do not give them your address. If this is a legal case they will already have your address. By law once you tell them not to call you or any other number to try to reach you THEY MUST COMPLY or it is harrassement. They try to use fear and scare you, DO NOT FALL FOR IT! File a police report against them and the number they called from and any return number they may leave on voice mail. These people are sorry excuses for human beings so don't fall for there tactics!!!

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 855-812-3817


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