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ichy7 - 02-19-2014

I, like the rest of you, receive these calls all the time. Our government is WORTHLESS when it comes to blocking these calls. The only other course of action is this:

Do NOT, under any circumstances, answer a caller you do not recognize. When you do all you are doing is confirming for them that they have reached a viable, working number and then they WILL call you back AND sell your number to other scam artists so they can call you too. If they continue to call then first, check with your phone service and see if they have a call blocker service (mine does). If I continue to receive calls from a certain number then it goes onto my "Blocked" list.

Also, just pressing 1 or any number they say to remove you from their list is also a scam. It doesn't work either. Also, I turn off my answering machine when I am home. If it answer then once again it only confirms the fact that they have indeed reached a "Working" number. Have a pleasant day. Sure am glad too for websites like this.

Number: 855-816-3952


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