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Omar Ravenhurst - 03-11-2015

SCAMMER DEBT COLLECTIONS Pretty much the same as all the others, that I needed to make myself available at work today between 12 and 5pm. He also said that I needed 2 forms of i.d. and a witness who could verify that my identity and that my manager and an HR rep be available. Looks like their "act" is getting better. Ditto about asking if I had the court papers and when was my court date. Wanted me to give him a CC# to make a first payment or they would serve me some summons or something. I played along with this a bit then when I told him I could not make a payment today he said they had no choice but to serve me and said good luck and hung up.
Caller: Payment Management Services
Call Type: Debt Collector

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Kevin
Company: Payment Management Services
Number: 855-817-4843


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