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TJ - 09-02-2016

These people called me two days ago. Said they wanted to deliver legal papers. When i ask about who they were from, i was transfered to another woman who had my OLD email, my OLD address, and said it was about an OLD bill from 2012. I knew the bill was not real. So when i questioned that this was a scam, she offered me a settlement payment. I said i was not paying anything for a bill that i didn't remember and then she said if it went to court i would have to pay $2500 for my attorney fees. When I hung up without paying them, they called back today, two days later. I said i had checked into them and wasn't paying them anything and she hung up on me. I think this is a big scam.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Alliance
Number: 855-828-6997


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