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rob - 11-07-2014

Biggest tip off ways the "God Bless You" at the end of all the messages. The real IRS would NEVER say that in an official capacity.
Checked and ph scam warnings are on the government website. Main point the real IRS makes:
-If you really owe the IRS, they would not be calling you before sending you an official bill.
- An official agent knows all your info already and won't ask for it.
- Would never ask for payments over the ph
Don't call the scammers number back either...some of these scams get you to do that just to get control of your ph line and rack up long distance bills.
If you answer when they call, they get rude very fast when you press them for answers, another telltale sign, so feel free to tell them off !!

Caller type: Scammer
Company: IRS Collections
Number: 855-843-1480


bill - 11-05-2014

Said I was involved with a law suit from the IRS. Wanted Tax information and when I question him he told me I was rude and called me a fucking Asshole and hung up. I called back multiple times and the same guy answered the phone and then hung up on me again when I asked a question.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: IRS
Number: 855-843-1480


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