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sherri laver - 04-16-2013

number came as a privte number on my caller id. she left a message for anothe person claiming that they have written bad checks and they cannot reach him. i have a 260 area code. the person they are trying to reach has a 419 area code and i have no idea how they even got my number for this person. said they were going to go to their place of employment or home to serve them papers. and then she gave a phone number which when i called that number back to tell them they have the wrong number it was some trademark manufacturing number so i have no way to get ahold of this stupid chick. oh and she did give a reference number. maybe this stupid idiot if number ONE called the right number to reach the right persone and number TWO left a correct phone number she could reach the person she needs to. Oh and other thing she was a major B word.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Renee White
Number: 855-871-6096


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