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joe smith - 11-12-2013

They claimed to be an attorney. Said they had a complaint against my ex-husband and his mother. I said I had been divorced for 17 years and there was no reason for them to be calling me, that I had no idea where my ex-husband was or his mother was.

Caller type: Other
Company: No company name provided
Number: 855-872-7001


Anton - 10-31-2013

Apparently these are very intriguing scammers. Some how thru the credit reporting companies such as Experian, TRW-Trans Union they obtain previous information on individuals.

What you need to know about this so called number 855-872-7001 is that regardless of what they may tell you about their actual physical location, it can very well be a "lie"! They are notorious liars, which will never enter the kingdom of heaven, "no way!"

Also know that there is a Statute of Limitations for debt if you had owed, went bankrupt, or could not pay debts because of prevailing circumstances, such as "no money available", or being on a limited salary, retired, or on SS. I think the Statute of Limitations goes for no more than "7 years", on debt Caller: TMG & Mc Keller Group LLCCall Type: Debt Collector

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Anthony Whitmore alias
Company: TMG Mc Keller Group LLC Beverly Hills CA
Number: 855-872-7001


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