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matt - 12-27-2011

I just got a call from that number claiming to be "Global Trust Management" then later in the half hour phone call claiming to be "Global Trust Corporation". Initially, a woman claimed I wrote a bad check to a company I received a loan from over four years ago then proceeded with questioning me about what I was prepared to do to pay back that loan. When I asked for more details in writing about the loan, which by the way I payed back about 4 yrs ago, the woman became defensive and began speaking over me, using the threat of documenting in her files that I was refusing to repay the loan. I asked for the manger who came on the phone after I was placed on hold with music playing as most companies would and who became equally defensive and unprofessional when I asked for the details of the company he worked for. He would not give me an address and insisted I "look them up" online. He was adamant that I work something out with him on the phone and also threatened me with documenting a refusal to pay in my account with them. Long story a little shorter I refused to give them any of my personal information which resulted in them becoming irate and hanging up on me. The website the "Director of Operations" which was the title of the manager I was transferred to, referred me to was This dynamic duo will use intimidation and wit to attempt to swindle you out of your information and money. DO NOT FALL FOR IT.... or do.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Maurice Welch
Company: Global Trust Management
Number: 855-875-2506


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