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Terry - 01-08-2014

Received call on cell phone by Sean Daley at Legal Support Services, 774-8283 (no area code). He was calling regarding my lack of response to correspondence that had been mailed three times. Told him I had not received the 9x12 manilla envelopes and he referred me to Kentwood & Associates with a Case#. Said it was imperative to call regarding a judgement/lawsuit. Called 855-877-6501 & a man answered took the case number and transferred me to Cindy Garcia, a very angry woman. I was placed on a brief hold and when she returned she refused to provide details about the case# or what the subject matter was and only threatened to serve me at work because I was being difficult, she said I was confused and that I shouldn't be calling her. I explained I was referred to her and she became more abrasive speaking at the same time I was,stating I could talk to my husband that way but not to her and that she didn't need to take this or answer my questions. I asked if she was an attorney several times and she answered yes. I really pressed this issued for her to disclose in what state she was licensed and she refused to answer but said she was in Cali. She threatened to serve me at work again, I said okay and I asked her if she was recording and told her if so she did not disclose this to me like she was supposed to. She said she was not a bill collector and there would be a process server coming to me with a judgement, all of a sudden I was transferred to Richard Gold. I asked Mr. Gold if Ms. Garcia was an attorney and he said he did not see esq. after her name on the roster, but they all worked in the legal department. He told me he couldn't talk to me and they would reissue the judgement. When you try to call them back the call goes to voice mail and the outgoing message says "This is Corporate ....lve a message." It's probably a scam to try to collect on an old debt and the people who work here are just mean. Muse be sad to be stuck in a negative job.:( If I do get served I will at least know who to file a complaint with about their lack of disclosure and recording a call without my consent or knowledge.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Cindy Garcia
Company: Kentwood Assoc or Legal Support Services
Number: 855-877-6501


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