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Theonetheygot - 07-25-2014

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS LIKE I DID!! They will ask you to go get $300 and put it on a card. Like a vanilla card or a green dot card. After you scratch off the number and give it to them that $$ is theirs. That first $300 is to verify that you could pay the loan. Then they wait and then call you back and say that you need another $300 to get insurance on the $5000 dollar loan that you are trying to get. Then they call you back and say that they need another $400 for something to do with your credit. Needless to say YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR LOAN!!! Then they block your number and continue to threaten with the police that you are harrassing them. BEWARE!!! Oh yeah they have arabic accents and are from "washington" dont believe caller id

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Mike watson mike walker or ray hamilton
Company: usa payday loan
Number: 855-881-3913


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