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D - 05-12-2015

These people keep calling my boyfriends number asking for me...have no idea how they even knew his number....his number is not one I give out.....anyways I know this is a scam...I'm not even wasting my time to respond to them.... Mcg legal....if you have the right to sue me on behalf of whomever I owe then do it....if not move on and stop harassing my boyfriend....

Caller type: Scammer
Company: MCG Legal
Number: 855-883-5652


Joni - 04-29-2015

I was verbally harassed by Mark.I hope he has an awesome day now, thinking it's okay to do that to other people. I guess when people are called saying they are going to be sued, they shouldn't ask more questions than that. Well, If I am sued, I'll make sure my lawyer gets a copy of your phone records.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Shay Mark
Company: MCG
Number: 855-883-5652


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