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mama bear - 07-25-2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014 - ignored this message because they said it was for a Margaret (can't remember last name), but it was the same voice, same name & info.
Friday, July 25, 2014 at 12:53 pm - message on answering machine for my husband, left by a guy who says his name is Phil
Marco, claiming to be a "legal courier", has some "certified documents" for him
to sign, that he needed to call him back, that delivery was required by state
law, that he was coming to your home first, work next on Tuesday 7/29 between
3-5 pm. Gave a 6 digit case number & suggested that my husband call the filing party if he needed to change the delivery time.
First of all, the caller I.D. showed "Private Name/Private Number - he didn't say who he worked for or who the filing party was or what it was in regards to.
I also find it interesting that that the phone number he gave to return the call
to was the same number as the one he said was for the "filing party".
So, I did a "reverse phone number look-up" on Google, & found (among other
sites) this:

I was talking to a friend about & told her about the message. She asked
me for the number & told me to hold on a minute, she did a 3-way call & grilled
the heck out of the guy that answered. He said the name was Webster Account
Solutions in western N.Y., that they had a collections department that handled
the 8 digit case numbers & a claims department that handled the 6 digit ones.
She just told him that she was getting calls & knew that she didn't have
anything to settle, so there was no need to transfer her to another department,

So, after reading what was on that site, it's a scam & I think you should report
them, we are going to!
To File complaints FDCPA/TCPA violations:
Your State Attorney General
Their State Attorney general

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Phil Marco
Number: 855-935-3676


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