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Love You Long Time - 10-23-2014

Collectors on a fraudulent AT&T acct created in my name. (Like other posters I think they said the name was EOS CCA? I confirmed this by calling them back with my own number blocked.) Good thing I filed a fraud alert with all three credit bureaus on the fraudulent acct created under my own name, social sec # and date of birth. I've had the same corporate cell phone acct with AT&T/Cingular, etc. for about 15 years, and it has never been in collections. I'm no where close to where they said the account was set up for service (like on the other side of the country). I tried explaining this to them from the beginning when the calls started but they continue to call me. Now I will screw around with them, just for spite.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: EOS CCA
Number: 855-974-6089


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