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George - 10-09-2014

this caller claims to be Michael Troutman (? garbled) a 3rd party process server "with location services" giving us "a courtesy call to discuss the scheduled delivery of a legally required notice", "reference to a formal claim being filed." ..again, "a courtesy call prior to delivery at your residence or place of employment." "if any questions or concerns or to suspend service " "call sender" at 855-977-2048 claim # H26-741 "also.. to be as clear as possible you are on my schedule for delivery..." "currently.... you have been legally notified." then he hangs up
Caller: Michael Troutman (? garbled last name)
Caller ID: 813-513-9425

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: michael troutman last name always garbled
Number: 855-977-2048


Will - 09-05-2014

They said. I was. Being. Ha cortesy call.

Caller type: Other
Number: 855-977-2048


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