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Holden - 09-24-2014

PDA Group LLC. This is who they claim to be. You can email them at

Got a call from this number 9/23/14. They told me they were coming to my work to arrest me with a Body Attachment warrant. I foolishly panicked thinking they were coming to pick me up.

I called the number back and got a girl named Nichole Taylor on the phone who said she was some type of clerk. She informed me of a loan company was claiming I got a loan with no intention of paying it and I had closed my account to prevent them from getting there money.

The account they mentioned I closed a few months ago, not two years ago like they are saying. I also never used the loan company they also claim I used.

After contacting my lawyer he told me this is a total scam and they have become huge in the last two years. They can not come arrest you over debt, they will say cops are on there way...but they aren't. They are just trying to scare you into paying up. They will ask you for a credit or debt card so the transaction is instant and you can't put a stop payment on it.

Here is some advice from my lawyer. If they say that an officer is coming to pick you up, ask for his Name and Badge ID Number, than ask for that officers Supervisors name and Badge ID number.

These people are criminals, and they need to be stopped!!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Nichole Taylor
Company: PDA Group LLC
Number: 855-977-2230


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