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MidnightHabit - 04-23-2014

It's a Zzounds promo offer. Since I've bought with them more than once and made all my auto-payments, they offered extended payment options without credit checks, and said offer was good for 60 days (8 - 12 payments, instead of the standard 4). Guitar Center and other online music gear stores have denied me lines of credit, because I have crappy credit, but zzounds will give nearly anyone a 4 payment option. Consequently, in the last couple of years I've bought a guitar, a keyboard, and a Theremin from them, which I couldn't have afforded without the payments option. If they're calling you, you've probably already been a customer, and it's worth calling back at the same # (not the main #).

Caller type: Other
Company: Zzoundscom
Number: 855-996-8637


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