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Central Office: BERLIN, NJ - XO NEW JERSEY, INC. [?]

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anoynmous - 04-02-2014

Received a call from this number at my government work phone saying he was a paralegal for a law company in New Jersey. Said his name was Steve Mcdonald and also had a very thick accent. Told me that there had been several attempts to collect a debt from a loan company that had e-mailed me numerous times and that because I had failed to respond they were not taking legal action against me. Further said that, I needed to get myself an attorney and that if I could not afford one, one would be appointed for me. Said that all the information they had against me would be reported to my government employer and the state attorney general's office. After asking for his information and what legal paperwork he had on me, he proceeded to fax me a fake certificate about legal action. Told me in order to prevent further action, the law company would not accept debit or credit cards, cash only. I needed to go to a gas station, walgreens etc and make a 870.35 payment to a green money pak? After telling him, I was not sending any money, he told me I would be picked up the next day at 11 at my place of employment and he hung up.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Steve Mcdonald
Company: New Jersey Law Firm
Number: 856-210-2316


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