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Central Office: INDEPNDNCE, KY - MCIMETRO, ATS, INC. [?]

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JP Kentucky - 08-24-2016

This phone number is a complete spam number using old financial account data to try and scam people out of their money. To be clear, when I called the number back, after a fair amount of time on hold, my call was answered by someone claiming to be in a state other than the phone number I called. While they had my valid name and the last four of my social security, they did not know exactly what type of account they were calling about. I asked if she was aware that they were registered as a spam phone number. She said that she only has one number and it was not the number that I called so she didn't know how the number I called rang in to her in another state. I asked for my parents and I to be removed from her call list. She said that was not possible until the debt was settled. When I asked if she could mail me a copy of the alleged account, she hung up on me. Do not give these people a dime. Answer them if you want, but if you do, please try to sell them used diapers. That is all that they deserve.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: no name provided
Company: no name provided
Number: 859-429-7768


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