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Only Solutions - 07-06-2015

If you hang up, don’t answer or block the originator’s calls, they just move on, changing numbers now and then to get past the blockers. If you want it fixed right, DIY...
Here's one fun and satisfying method aimed at the "Lower your interest rate" scum:
1) Agree that you have over $4000 in CC debt at over 10% interest.
2) Had to 'find' my CC - took a few minutes.
3) Read the numbers (bogus - but write them down so you can repeat) slowly. When asked to repeat because the numbers don't work, read slowly back again, but change a 3 to an 8 (darn, don't have my glasses...).
4) Repeat until you sense impatience on the operator's part. Just before they hang up (this timing is a real art), read them, the 1-800 number on the back of the card – oddly, mine reads "1-800-National Do-Not-Call Registry".
This last time I had them on the phone for 10 minutes - this is close to a record, but I keep trying to best my previous time. GREAT SPORT!
The "Gummint" created the DNCR, but didn't give it any teeth. It is up to all of us to bite the telemarketers where it hurts by wasting their time, and, maybe more importantly, make them suspicious that every sucker they talk to could be a punker. When they start hanging up on REAL suckers, then their business model has failed...

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 860-237-5624


edwards90301 - 05-06-2015

SCAM: ID says "INFO SURVEY" but recording talks about credit card debt reduction. All lies - probably an underworld operation with goal to obtain account info from you for fraud. If it's you who called and you disagree feel free to call me back, you called at 11:27 EDST U.S. so look it up. I was the one who wasted one of your poor underpaid/unpaid enslaved and abused operator's time by not saying anything when she was connected. Now I'm the telling the worls so they can start blocking your spoofed number ID, forcing you to manually re-program a new one. So now you know who I am you can call Detroit to order a hit man, I'll be waiting.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: misleading ID INFO SURVEY
Number: 860-237-5624


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