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Leo Smith - 06-28-2011

Every month or so I receive the same unsolicited phone call.

Upon answering, I hear a recorded message from a person identifying himself as KEVIN’S POWER WASHING – and offering to power wash my house. The recording ends with a statement that if you are interested in receiving a quote, please press 9. When I press “9”, I get another recording asking me to leave my name and number and they will call me back.

One time they did call back, and left a message on my cell, which I have saved and can play back for you if necessary. The return phone number is on the recorded message as 860 566 0276.

When I call that number, I get a recording asking me to leave my name and number.

These calls from “Kevin” occur often and regularly...

On the Iternet, there are Postings regarding unsolicited calls from “Kevin” offering Power Washing
860 566 0276

Postings regarding unsolicited calls from “Kevin” offering Power Washing


I called an Internet service and had them do a Lookup for 860 566 0276 – they came up with no name or address. According to them, 860 566 0276 is a prepaid cell phone number that was purchased through NEXTEL.

It would also be useful to find out whether the abuser is contracting with another company to place these random calls – like a telephone marketing company. It is probably more likely that a marketing company is being used by Kevins Power Washing to generate these calls, as opposed to Kevin’s Power Washing itself having the level of technology needed to generate random calls to all phones in a specific area...

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Kevins Power Washing
Number: 860-566-0276


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