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rwc - 07-11-2014

They keep calling wanting to sell me a PENIS PUMP! I have told them to quit calling since that item is for sado-masachists and perverts.

The caller today asked if I was taking diabetic pills. If it was who they claimed to be, they already have that information.

Any and all calls from 8632742134 are lying sacks of fecal matter.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 863-274-2134


UTTERLY ANNOYED - 04-08-2014

This number (954-449-6225) called my household 3 times. The caller ID reflects -SURVEY- Each time I answered the call. It's a sales call pertaining to medicare and prescriptions. If you have someone older in your household do no allow them to answer this call. This is a scam.

The caller first stated she was calling to ensure that I received my prescriptions under my medicare program. I acted as I did not know what they were talking about (which I did not) so I figured they thought I was someone elder in the household. The caller ask me to verify my address and I replied back that if she had my prescriptions sent to my home like she stated, I needed for her to confirm what she had on file. The caller would never provide the information. I apparently annoyed the young lady at some point and time she even asked for my medicare number (which I do not have such a number). When I would not cooperate with her she hung up on me.

Caller number two (2) phoned me within 30 minutes of the first call. She asked for a particular elder party in my household in regards to prescriptions. I knew something was up because I elected the plan for the party in my household and the name of the company was unfamiliar. The lady had such a heavy accent I could not make out the company name. When she continued to solicit medicare and prescriptions, I then asked the name of the company at least three time. On the third quest the young lady hung up on me.

On the third (3rd) call about an hour later, another female called and asked for the elder person in my household. I simply stated that she was not available. Before I could ask if I could take a message the individual quickly hung the phone up.

The number is busy when you attempt to call them back. I'm on the Do Not Call Registry but they continue to call my number anyway.


Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 863-274-2134


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