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Leatra - 11-23-2010

This person called an left a message, telling me that I better have an attorney. They did not even provide the name of the company. I had to call and find out. He did not state the purpose of the call or who it was that I supposedly owed money to. I talked to five different people, and no one found me in their system, but at the end of it all, no one could tell me anything, because they supposedly had some type of employee meeting. I don't know what this is about, but there were two different numbers used. One had an 806 area code and the other an 863 area code. Every person that I had talked to sounded middle eastern, and I don't think that I talked to the person who called me. Another thing, one of the guys asked me if I had an attorney, and when I asked why, he quickly got of the phone and directed me to someone else. It sounds flaky to me.

Caller type: Other
Caller: John
Company: Anderson and Law Associates
Number: 863-354-6500


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