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Central Office: BARTOW, FL - TCG SOUTH FLORIDA [?]

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Lori - 07-14-2010

omg this person is consistant with calling every hour of the day, he says that he has a fraud against me and i should listen to his call, i called the number once and he said hello which is no place of business in my book then he would not tell me who he was voice sounded like Indian/Pakastin accent, could hardly understand him. i do not have any cash loan as when i looked up his number and his place of employment so i dont know what this quack is talking about. also he kept saying i was going to lose my social security number, is this guy clueless u cant lose ur number.

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: James Wolf
Company: Department of Law Investigation
Number: 863-578-4960


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