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Anon - 02-02-2011

This number belongs to the "Law Offices of...." Ed Overcash. He and his "crew" are bill collectors. Never provide any information to anyone over the phone. Ask them not to make any additional calls and send you any inquires by mail.That is all that needs to be said - hang up. If they continue to call look up your rights on-line. There are Federal guidelines that require phone solicitors to send written information and not to call you after you make that request. If you have collection issues seek local advice before responding to this group of bottom poachers. They are very devious. By answering any questions you may have extended the period of time for them to "harass" you for any debt you owe. They have about a dozen other numbers they use in their "investigations."

Note: These people want to “entrap” you into making admissions over the phone but you will notice that if you don’t respond - even for 6 months or longer ‘ they are not sending you a written declaration of the issues at hand. Dealing with issues in writing is both expensive and comes under federal guideline which can invalidate the query if not met in a timely manner. Thus the reason for “rotocallers.”

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Edward Overcash
Company: Law Offices of Ed Overcash
Number: 864-298-1133


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