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jeff - 03-31-2014

This is the University of Tennessee students calling alumni asking for donations for student programs. These are not for tuition assistance. My daughter is a student there and works nights 4 days a week making these calls. It is a part time job for a student who is going to school all day and then having to be cussed out by alumni (doctors and lawyers and such). All they are doing is asking for a donation from alumni to support on campus support programs for present students. It makes her real proud to go there when she hears all this crap from the former students (and the richer they are, the meaner they are!). They always identify themselves as students asking for donations for student programs. The money doesn't go to the bureaucrats at the school! Just say "No thank you" and hang up if you are too cheap or poor to support your alma mater. Don't punish these kids who are working their way through school and are not "the little rich kids" who didn't have to lower themselves to getting a job while they were in school. I thought this would be better for her than working at McDonalds and such, but now I think McDonalds customers are a higher class than the alumni.

Caller type: Fundraiser
Company: University of Tennessee
Number: 865-974-4580


Derek - 04-08-2010

This is the police... why I don't know

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Police
Company: Police
Number: 865-974-4580


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