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Samson - 12-28-2011

he message was left in Spanish by a female caller originating from 866-220-0944. She did not identify herself. The message was in perfect Spanish and sounds legitimate. The woman states at one point that the call is from "Citi Card". She then asks that we call back at 800-926-5212 between 6am and 11 pm Central time Monday through Friday or 8am and 5pm Central time Saturday and Sunday. I called the number several times and received Spanish speaking individuals (I speak perfect Spanish). I spoke to them in English at the beginning of the call, stating that I was calling to find out why I had been called. One individual understood my questions but responded to me in Spanish only, my first hint that this call was bogus. I called several other times and received other individuals though on about the 5th call I started getting the same people again. I suspect this is the type of fraudulent call that my Cuban and other friends get here in the state in Washington. I will be reporting this to the Washington state Attorney General's office tomorrow.

Caller type: Other
Company: Unknown State Citi Card
Number: 866-220-0944


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