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Anon - 08-06-2011

They call every day, at all times of the day. I never answer my cell when I see Private or Unknown.
I called back, once, to see who it was. A guy named James answered. Since I don't know anyone by that name, I just hung up. (My number is blocked so it doesn't show up on their Caller ID.)
I found out it was Trans World Systems by Googling the number.

Any debts I had were 20 yrs. ago and were paid in full. My credit is now in good standing.
I'm not sure how they got my cell number, because it's a Private number.

I really don't want to have to change my cell number. Since I can't make them stop calling, I just don't answer.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: James
Company: Trans World Systems
Number: 866-232-1681


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