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matt - 06-10-2014


this number began a daily call-
allowed since i did not yet block this area code phone does not ring caller gets blank air then dropped

want peace of mind get the new digitone plus -it was months on backlog
i block all toll free =very east to do
i also block all are codes that call many around miami orlando wash.state-60 area codes but also any individual number matt

Number: 866-232-4772


Jo - 05-28-2014

They do not speak, just call and harrass!!!
EVERY DAY I receive a call, it is most upsetting! Someone in our government should be able to monitor and stop these calls!! How and where do they get our phone numbers!!! Why does the government bother to have a do not call list, when there is no monitoring, and no one does a blessed thing about it!!!

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 866-232-4772


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