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Eagle Feather - 02-26-2015

I have had several of my family contacted in regards to collections on my wife. Happens two or three times a year every year for the past two years. They are all scams. I have gleaned helpful info from posts on and other such sites and I want to pass it on in hopes that others will benefit.

I have created and given the following script to my family in the event they should get more calls;

“Yes I know him/her but this is not a number he/she can be reached at, please remove it from your records and do not call here again. In regards to your presumed claim, if it is legitimate then you should already have his/her address on file to send him/her a "validation notice" per FTC regulations and I’m sure he/ she will respond. Any further calls to this number in regards to this matter or any other matter will be reported to my local Sheriffs dept; my state attorney general’s office and The Federal Trade Commission.”

Then politely end the call.

Also the FTC and CFPB have material at the following sites so you can do more research on US federal collection law it is highly recommended that you educate yourself to handle these matters wither they are legitimate collection agencies or scammers. ... legitimate.html ... debt-collection

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Scott Hall Natalie
Company: Lakefront Processing Solutions
Number: 866-264-7735


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