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IgnorePhone - 09-04-2010

This number, 866-265-5945, calls me every day, several times a day. However, I have a tricky plan to keep their annoyance to a minimum. First, I forwarded my regular phone to my cell, since that's usually easiest to reach me. Then, I simply added them to my list of phone contacts on my cell phone with a name of Ignore37, so whenever my phone vibrates (I have it set to vibrate), I see the ID and just ignore it. You ask why the 37 at the end? Because I have done this with about forty of such anonymous, insistent callers. Now I never pay a cent, never answer a call, never have to call back, and I eventually wear them out. I have no debts, and never defaulted, so I know they aren't calling for me! Any number I do not recognize and that does not leave a voice mail, I Google and then list them as Ignore##, if necessary. Try it!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: AFNI
Number: 866-265-5945


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