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Scott P - 11-16-2013

This caller has called twice (once about two weeks ago) and one time last night. (I had called my local police dept. and they said it was a scam and to record the next message which I have). I have an mp3 file of it as evidence. The transcript is vague and doesn't make sense.
It sounded like a man in his 30's or 40's with a Boston accent, with some loud sounds in the background. He sounds like he's trying to be an official. He said the following:
Scott P---- I'm calling again to inform you that you had the opportunity to contact to confirm handling your
charges. Sir at this point I have actually verified in the interest to proceed to the former claim. There are
charges or any claim against you, you have until I reach you PERSONALLY to address this matter or confirm.
Again they can be reached at 866 268 7764. Your claim number listed on this order is going to be 1891620.
Scott P---; officially been notified. "

Caller type: Other
Caller: Did not say
Company: 866 268 7764
Number: 866-268-7764


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