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WJ Spicerman - 05-04-2016

From Collections Dept arm of Merrick bank, female voice recording left message on voicemail “please call Merrick Bank immediately” or words to that effect.

The moron who had and used this number before me must have been into debt up to his or her eyeballs and didn't have the knowledge to deal with it or effectively stop the calls. Similar recorded calls claimed the individual who owned this number before me was ("by their records") in debt over $10,000 in student loans, did not "consolidate this debt reasonably" (an irrational robo voice-recording speaking of reasonable action ironic). The person who had this number before me may have been named Ramona (lots of request for her name but it's also a common ply of scammers). Who ever is doing this is doing it illegally.

I'm on the fed DNC list long enough and shouldn't be getting these harassing debt-related phone calls. Why is the federal gov. unable to accommodate a simple prerequisite for personal privacy, and the basic covenant of quiet & peaceful enjoyment of living. Stop these calls.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Ms Robo-Girl
Company: Merrick Bank
Number: 866-304-3179


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