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Laura19 - 09-20-2019

Called two days ago, told me to BE HOME between he hours of 10-2 next day to receive "legal documents".
I ignored the call.
Today I came home to a new message from Jennifer Miller from Legal Support Services, telling me there has been a civil case filed against me and that since I was NOT able to be served, the attorney will be notified and will be moving on with my "case".
She even gave me a case number, and a return call number of 866-310-3573.
Reverse number search on THAT number was Washington, DC...funny thing, she called from a Los Angeles area
Uh, sorry, dear, you got the wrong woman. I have EXCELLENT credit and have NOT and never WILL be in trouble for anything!

Caller type: Other
Caller: Jennifer Miller
Company: Legal Support Services
Number: 866-310-3573


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