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Ihatescammers - 03-10-2015

They claim to be a law firm Goldberg & Peretti and that you are being sued over a debt. They called my niece about my husband, scaring the h**l out of her telling her they needed to serve my husband. When I called them at this number (866) 310-9898 he gave the name Terry Sinclair of Goldberg & Peretti. He is trying to tell my husband he is being sued over a bank account that was closed back in 2006, closed with a POSITIVE balance. We did our research and found out that this is a well-known scam for this company (and they also go by Equity Transfers). Beware!!! There are scam warnings and rip off reports all over the internet about them!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Terry Sinclair
Company: Goldberg Peretti
Number: 866-310-9898


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