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carrie marotich - 10-11-2012

The initial call came from 248-845-2042, a man identifying himself as "Adam Cruse" stated that this call was for Carrie Marotich and he gave a claim number 183282 stating that I needed to call him to verify my address, as he had documents to forward to me, as I have Charges and a claim against me. I have no charges, my credit report it clean. I've reported this to my local police, but they just told me to ignore them. The caller was very threatening, also, recently I've received 2 letters stating I've taken out 2 different payday advance loans, (which I never had) They offered me a "deal" to only pay half the balance. I am on the do not call registry-I have never taken out a payday advance, this is complete crap. I do not have a criminal record. I wish I could sue these people...

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Adam Cruse
Company: Consolidated
Number: 866-333-5361


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