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NotThatStupid - 07-27-2010

These guys are contracted by Chase Bank for collections which is often for auto repossessions. I believe these guys are technically BWA General Investigations Unit, a collection agency for hire to find people. They are complete douche bags because they will say ANYTHING and do ANYTHING to find someone. I assure you that the limits of common decency do not apply to them. They will spoof phone numbers to convince you they are someone else. They went so far as spoofing the local police department phone number and my best friend's phone number to trick me into answering the phone. They called my parents house and said that I had been arrested and needed my personal information to release me. Luckily, my parents called me before giving them any information, but what sort of person scares elderly people by telling them that their child has been arrested!!! The absolute best thing that you can do is not answer their calls and not speak to them under ANY circumstances because you can't believe a single word they say. If they contact your friends/relatives, tell them to say that they don't know you and hang up the phone. Simply do not give them an opportunity to speak or the will you will get wrapped up in their web of lies and tricks!!! I can't say it enough times, DO NOT speak to them.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Investigator McKinney
Company: ChaseBWA General Investigations Unit
Number: 866-360-2906


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