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PJ - 12-23-2015

My husband was playing Solitaire online. He got a BSOD message (Black Screen of Death) and was directed to a "microsoft number" 1-866-388-3207
Got a Jenifer (only one N) Green. Sounds like she was in India She assured me that she was with Microsoft.
I stupidly let her take control of my computer. This is a SCAM! Eventually, she tried to charge me $99.99 for "network" security. She said that if I shut down, I would ruin the laptop. The laptop is about a week old. I shut it down and called Norton - they fixed it for free. No more Solitaire, no more Jenifer Green in India.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Jenifer Green
Company: Escutcheon claims to be Microsoft
Number: 866-388-3207


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