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john - 06-10-2010

This is from National Action Financial services. I am not sure if is a scam company or a collection agency. There are hundreds of complaints on these forums for the various phone numbers they use. They also use names like Mr Lynch or Malone.

They leave the same crooked sounding message with the same voice on my answering machine using different names and phone numbers On another forum people were complaining because they were collecting for late Blockbuster video's from several years ago or you owe money on a closed Chase account. Sounds like a scam.

If you call them don't give out your name or any other information. Let them tell you who they are calling for. Once you say your name they can make up some claim that you owe debt.

It stinks as much as the car warranty scam phone calls from two years ago.

Every time they call file a complaint with the and other places.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Something like Woodsling
Number: 866-392-2178


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