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Kay - 03-27-2014

I got this call from someone staing they where a county courier and they where coming to my home at noon the next day to drop of documents to have a witness and 2 forms of ID...they then called my ex hubsband who I havent talked to in years and told him they where coming to his house they left a number of some agency in New York I live near Chicago I called it asked there business name and what they so they said they couldnt say maybe a 3rd party collection agency that speciallizing in illegal harrassment but making it sound like they are serving paper what server calls first so I think its a 3 rd party collection agency thinking they can get away with this over the top harrassment of people and even people that are past related like on a people search of possible relatives they went to far I urge anyone report these calls to the FBI it could be a scam also they sound like it could get dangerous with there threats

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: David Lyons
Company: PNR Associates
Number: 866-404-1544


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