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chowpuppy - 04-29-2016

These guys are scammers based in India. They attached a redirect to a Facebook Criminal Case game link. My wife was redirected to a page that said her computer was infected and that she should call 866-408-2335 immediately for tech support. The page had a Microsoft logo, so my wife called, thinking she was speaking with Microsoft Tech Support. The rep who answered told her that her computer was sending out dozens of porn images. He then proceeded to sell her $450 worth of software, most of which was already on her computer. She was ready to give him her credit card number, but he asked for her bank account number instead. That's when I got home and figured out what they were trying to do. The rep was in the middle of a remote session on my wife's computer, and when I tried to disconnect, he kept moving the mouse cursor so I couldn't do so. I had to turn off the computer. After that, they called three times in the next five minutes to argue with me.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 866-408-2335


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