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Maria M - 08-09-2010

Someone called from the 954 number saying I had won a trip to orlando, another to Hawaii, AND even a third one! A cruise to Bahamas. Everything for 5 persons. Then he transferred me to someone else who -after tons of pleasantries and a friendly tone of voice- asked for my credit card to place a charge for $498 dollars - taxes and admin fees he said - everything else was free for having won a contest and filled a ticket at a super computer show (he could not say when or what city was that show at). He gave me his 866-456-6191 phone number for questions in the future. After I told him I wouldn't give him my credit card, he got all upset, said "Ok then" and hung up on me! What a scam!!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Mike
Company: Bluegreen
Number: 866-456-6191


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