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Sharon - 12-13-2012

"" is a scam. Received the notice in the mail and called 1-800-939-2806. The guy forwarded me to someone higher to "see if I qualified for the elite level." Once qualified the man said he would transfer me back where a man would tell me the details of the elite level: the cost, the coverage and the length of coverage but that I would have to say yes or no to the coverage on that phone call because once I hung up, it would not be available again. Keys to know this is a scam. 1) there is pressure to decide immediately. 2) they are not able to give you specific details with out you giving an answer immediately afterwards. (there is a poor excuse why this is not possible, such as saying it's a government policy - bull!!) 3) no time to think about the value or research the information/company. Enjoy.
I was able to locate the company. Wholesale Warranties Phone: (800) 939-2806 Fax: (801) 740-5898 10441 Roselle St San Diego, CA 92121

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 866-471-8450


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