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Mike - 03-24-2009

This person (company) called my father last week and my "former" wife this past weekend. Informed both that my wife is a defendant in a civil suit and even gave a "docket number".

No body has attempted to call my wife or myself and we do not have a clue as to what this is in reference to. No debt validation or anything.

Several years ago we paid off some credit card balances and I even had collection companies calling me a year later regarding accounts that had been paid for several months.

I do not have a lot of sympathy for anyone that purchases balances and tries to collect on them. I would love for them to call me with their scare tactics and BS they use. I have informed my wife to only listen to them if they call and to not give them any information or bank account numbers.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Frank Shapiro
Company: Presuming SRS and Associates
Number: 866-500-9832


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