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Lori - 05-01-2014

This is the rudest company I've ever had the pain of dealing with. They called me twice today on my cell phone re: my 1/2 brother. Stated he was going to be served and gave me a phone number and claim number to have him call. I asked how they got my information as I have limited contact with my 1/2 brother and they said he put me down as a reference. They then proceeded to call me back in an hour (again while I was at work) and asked if I had notified him. I once again stated that I did not want to be contacted as I have no control or even contact with my 1/2 brother. After work I called back to ask them to remove my number and it was the most unprofessional call I've ever been a part of. The lady told me to quit screaming at her (I was not) and she was so rude and condescending. I once again told her not to call my number again or I would turn them into the Attorney General's Office. She assured me that she had no reason to be professional. Seriously? This is not even my debt yet they are going to harass me?? Wow. What a world we live in :(

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Global
Number: 866-515-7930


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