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Bud - 03-17-2014

Our office telephone received a call from that number at 9:17 this morning. I was returning to my desk with my hands full and attempted to set everything down on my desk so that I could answer the call by saying "We don't want any, thank you" and then just hanging up. However, the phone stopped ringing before I could do so.

I've seen other posts this morning saying they have received calls from that number about AT&T accounts, so that may have been what it was about. We've received numerous calls in the past from someone about some kind of rate reduction, etc.

We have just about stopped answering "Unknown" callers or toll free numbers, as they always seem to be spam calls or from bill collectors trying to find someone who previously had this phone number (we've had it for about eight months).

Caller type: Sociopath
Company: Toll Free Caller
Number: 866-526-4128


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