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RJ - 01-01-2009

My son entered my cell phone number w/o my permission on some PSP cheats webstite. I got an SMS message on my cell phone congratulating me for subscribing. I responded to the SMS at the number associated with the SMS I recevied - 239078. The exact text from the last SMS I received was "Tnx 4 subscribing chrg was 866 559 1313 9.99 mthjly chrg other chrgs may apply. STOP 2end, HELP 4help. 01/01/09 08:58PM'

Caller type: Other
Number: 866-559-1313


Kyle Bass - 12-25-2008

Got a text message from this number and it has something to do with PS3 gaming and I believe they would charge you monthly for their so-called "cheats service". If there's anyone here who has been charged by this company without approval, please let us know.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: GCM Cheats
Number: 866-559-1313


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