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debtfree andretired - 11-04-2015

if I answer they are looking for some foreign named individual
I have had same number for several decades bought house new = no one here ever by that name
if they were legit, they would mail me something
so I am blocking and so should you!
multiple bogus calls from:

Phone Calls from MCM

It is important that our customers get their questions answered and so we’ve developed this handy set of FAQs to our customers better understand what we do and how we can help.
Assistance & Validation
Phone Calls

Who is calling me from 855-789-8625?

Midland Credit Management communicates with our customers via letters and phone calls. If you received a phone call from 855-789-8625, 855-798-4722, 855-789-8625, 855-967-7399, 855-877-4328,855-891-8849, 855-808-0414, 855-798-4722, 855-789-8625, 877-411-5551, 866-580-4780, 877-237-0512, 800-265-8825, 866-927-7380, 877-411-6748, 877-822-9054, or 877-236-7498, MCM is trying to contact you regarding a personal business matter. Please call us back at your earliest convenience or register for online account management.

Caller: MCM

Call Type: Debt Collector

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: MCM
Number: 866-580-4780


justme - 07-26-2014

If they would leave a message I MAY call them back.

Company: Midland Credit Management
Number: 866-580-4780


anonymous - 07-24-2014

Called me today, assuming today's calls will be from this number instead of 877-411-5551.

Caller type: Other
Number: 866-580-4780


Mica - 07-24-2014

They call and leave no message. This appears to be a new number they've started using today because too many people were on to 877-411-5551.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Midland Credit Management
Number: 866-580-4780


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