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tschulz - 05-07-2013

I rec'd a call from them saying that they were calling for another person (who I have known in the past, but have no monetary or financial or personal connections with and am really not in contact with currently). I tried to talk to them to tell them that my number is not his number and that I have no idea what this is about and to please remove my number from their system. The very belligerent and RUDE man asked how I knew him. I said we used to work for the same company, but I have no ties to him financially or monetarily. He said, "Oh, was he your boyfriend?"...SERIOUSLY?? I said No. He said, "Oh, you stuttered a little, he must have been." This sent me over the edge! I don't who these people are or why they are calling me. I don't have a payday loan w/ them nor have I ever had a payday loan period!!! How do I get them to stop harassing me???

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Washington Recovery Systems
Number: 866-594-5542


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