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Don L dRUMPs - 09-08-2015

it's a scam from mexico they want to destroy the rePelican party and tell us that we can't party like it's 19 Ninety Nine. They want money from hard working families that make LESS than the minimum wage - and have been doing so for the past 50 years, without food stamps & without tax-exemptions for the poor & the less-than-Poor. But if you post on THIS website.. I promise to get results for your family and for the freedoms we enjoy as hard working global citizens of the You-Ass-Off-''a''.

Caller type: Politician
Caller: computer generated
Company: Diana sSay
Number: 866-598-5137


ashworth - 08-27-2015

The fake messages that say to call the 866-598-5137 toll-free number is one used by "Microsoft technician" scammers at to solicit money from you to "unlock" your computer from malware they have placed there. This is a federal felony called "fraud by wire." Call the FBI by looking up your local FBI number at and report the offense. The bait is also a dangerous phony listing. Should you call its toll free number 866-598-5137 to get help from Microsoft technicians, you will not reach Microsoft. If you want to call Microsoft Legal, you can reach the Microsoft Integrity Hotline via telephone at 877-320-6738. Lawsuits are currently underway against many Microsoft trademark infringers.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: said Microsoft
Number: 866-598-5137


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