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DanW - 06-17-2014

Received a call from 785 350-3800 last evening, on my cell phone of all things, from a person who said they were from the VA trying to set up my appointment. I said from 3 years ago, and she giggled. Then she asked for my DOB to confirm who I was (normal permissible confirmation is last 4 of SSN). I immediately stated, I don't know who you are, or if this is legitimate call.... and I don't give out personal information without some level of confirmation. (I'm a global cyber security consultant and know how direct dial scams work)
I asked if there was a number I could verify this is the VA and she gave me 866-606-8212 along with a confirmation number. When I asked if I could call the number now, she said that they are only open from 7am to 5am CST.... It was currently 7:50 PM EST....
The 785 350-3800 shows as being a land line from Topeka KS and may be a legitimate KS VA number (in CST), how ever, on the Topeka VA's website, the 3800 number or any 3800 series extensions were not listed. All numbers dealing with appointments were using the 4400 series extensions. As we all know, the caller ID is easily spoofed simply by the caller entering any number to show as their caller ID.
I searched the VA site for any info on the VA performing this process but found none.... Also the closest result for the 866-606-8212 number pulled up Beijing China +86-660-68212... I am not sure it this call was from China, but won't be calling back.....

Caller type: Other
Company: Veteren Affairs
Number: 866-606-8212


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